Monday, September 27 2021

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A New Study - Are Boot Camps Effective? Awesome workout or just another pumped up fitness class?
by David Clair

Recently the American Council on Exercise commissioned a study to see the effects of participating in boot camp style workouts. Is it really the workout to end all workouts or just another pumped up fitness class?

The study was conducted by a team of exercise scientists from the University of Wisconsin Exercise and Health Program, led by John Porcari, Ph. D.

Drum roll please.... Here are the results:

  • 600 calories were burned per hour on average
  • heart rates averaged 77% of maximum, with intervals up to 91%

What does this really mean?

Here is what Dr. Porcari said:

  • "Boot Camp is much more of a total-body workout than just going out for a
    run or bicycle ride."
  • "Itapostrophes a good combination of aerobic exercise and muscle conditioning."
  • "Obviously going to help with weight loss."
  • "If people are looking for something thatapostrophes fun and variable that will increase their adherenceto an exercise program, and most importantly, burn a lot of calories, boot camp would be areally great option."

After seven years of running Boot Camps we totally agree. Having fun, staying motivated, and being consistent is the key to achieving fitness improvements.

About the author:

David Clair operates Fitness For Living’s Boot Camps and has been energizing adults with its unique approach to fitness for 6 years. The camps are designed to challenge a wide range of fitness levels and meet 3 days a week for five weeks both indoors and out year-round in Boulder and Longmont.

David is a certified Personal Trainer, a licensed USA Cycling coach and a certified Kickbox Instructor and indoor Spinning Instructor. Prior to working in the fitness industry, he operated Roads Less Traveled for 10 years, an adventure travel company specializing in weeklong biking, hiking and multi-sport trips throughout western North America and abroad. David participates in most outdoor activities and over the past twenty-five years has competed in bicycle races, running races and triathlons.

His philosophy on fitness and life is simple – Make it Fun! If it is not fun you won’t do it; you’ll always have an internal struggle staying motivated – whether it is work or play.

For additional information visit or call 303-443-8141.