Monday, September 27 2021

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Nordic Walking is NOT for Nerds!
by Sheila Scott

“Hey lady, getting ready for ski season!” “Hey lady, where’s the snow?” I’ve heard them all when I’m out on my Nordic Walk. My kids don’t help the cause any—they coined the phrase “Nerdic Walking” and when I grab my poles for yet another peaceful journey down the bike path, I hear behind me, “there goes mom Nerdic Walking again.”

They may be think it looks funny, but I can guarantee you I’m getting the last laugh. As I trek through the neighborhood on my hour long walk burning 714 calories! So, what is this new exercise called Nordic Walking?

According to, Nordic walking evolved from “dry landapostrophe training techniques of Nordic skiers. Athletes would use the poles to mimic Nordic skiing arm motions while striding, running or walking. In the late 80’s this use of poles begin crossing over to the fitness enthusiast as the benefits became more recognized. Nordic walking grew the quickest in Norwegian areas where more people are familiar with Nordic style skiing. In the 90’s the concept “crossed the big pondapostrophe as fitness enthusiast and health clubs in Canada and the U.S. discovered the benefits of walking with poles.

The folks at Fit Trek go on to state that there are a several reasons increasing numbers of
people are taking up nordic walking. You can:

  • Burn up to 40% more calories during your walk, and up to 75% more with the Fit Trek system.
  • Reduce impact stress to your knees and lower joints.

About the author:

Sheila Scott is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer training at Adventure Fitness Studio (303) 921-4556