Sunday, September 19 2021

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Running on the Wild Side
by David Clair

Transforming Your Run into the Ultimate Cardio & Strength Interval Routine

Running is HUGE in Boulder . This is a good thing. But all too often it is the main or only exercise for many.

At Fitness For Living it is not unusual to hear – “I run 4 miles five days a week and I am not getting any faster and not getting fitter.apostrophe To get faster, stronger and create ‘full body fitnessapostrophe you really need to mix it up a bit – show the body a few new twists, stress it in different ways. Donapostrophet let it adapt to the same olapostrophe thing day after day.

At Boot Camp we include a few days of Power Running/Power Walking during each session; it is often our campersapostrophe favorite workout. Best of all, it is easy for you to incorporate into your own running routine.

Our goal during our Power Runs/Walks is to build more strength into your run – transforming an almost all cardio routine into the ultimate strength and cardio interval workout. Itapostrophes challenging, variety-packed and fun.

The key to a Power Run is to break up your run or walk every 5-10 minutes with a short strength building routine. Stop for a quick set or two of push-ups or bicep curls and then quickly hit the trail again.

Wherever you run there are plenty of opportunities along your route that create a natural strength building ‘apparatus.apostrophe Look for playgrounds, picnic tables, benches, steps, boulders, logs, tree limbs, etc.

At Boot Camp we often carry a resistance tube and a resistance leg loop. Both easy to carry or put in your pocket but can add an almost limitless selection of strength routines.

Here are just a few suggestions to break up your run and build your strength:

Find a rock, step or bench and try:
* side squat with one leg on step
* one-leg step downs (great for glutes and stabilizing knee)
* two-foot jumps up to next step (explosive plyometric move)
* scissors lunge (combination of balance, strength and cardio)
* triceps dips

Find an overhead bar or tree limb
* pull ups
* leg lifts or knee lifts (core strength)

Bring along a resistance tube (or even find a small rock) for:
* curls, rows, overhead presses, triceps extensions, flies, woodchops, etc.

Find a log or short barrier for:
* side-to-side or front-to-back 2-foot or 1-foot hops
* calf raises

Work your core with standing crunches, forward and side ‘karateapostrophe kicks

Bring a resistance leg loop and try:
* lateral squat shuffles (awesome for hip abductors and glutes)
* forward and backward leg raises (hip flexors and glutes)

On any flat spot on the trail you can try:
* pushups
* standing side crunches and ‘karateapostrophe side kicks (core work)
* vertical tuck jumps
* standard lunge or scissors lunge (combo of balance, strength and cardio)
* burpees

About the author:

David Clair operates Fitness For Living’s Boot Camps and has been energizing adults with its unique approach to fitness for 6 years. The camps are designed to challenge a wide range of fitness levels and meet 3 days a week for five weeks both indoors and out year-round in Boulder and Longmont.

David is a certified Personal Trainer, a licensed USA Cycling coach and a certified Kickbox Instructor and indoor Spinning Instructor. Prior to working in the fitness industry, he operated Roads Less Traveled for 10 years, an adventure travel company specializing in weeklong biking, hiking and multi-sport trips throughout western North America and abroad. David participates in most outdoor activities and over the past twenty-five years has competed in bicycle races, running races and triathlons.

His philosophy on fitness and life is simple – Make it Fun! If it is not fun you won’t do it; you’ll always have an internal struggle staying motivated – whether it is work or play.

For additional information visit or call 303-443-8141.