Monday, September 27 2021

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The Key to Ski Injury-Free
by David Clair

Ski Conditioning Boot Camps Help Adults Prepare for Season

It is getting close to the time of year that medical clinics and physical therapy offices get busy in Colorado from the multitude of ski related injuries. This year Fitness For Living is helping adults stay injury-free by creating special five-week Ski Conditioning fitness camps. Geared for adults of all abilities, these Boot Camps run October, November and December.

It is all too common for a weekend warrior to try to ski for a full day as soon as the snow falls only to find themselves laid up for the rest of the season. “Statistics show that fatigue is one of the biggest factors in ski injury risks,apostrophe explains Camp Director David Clair. “How often have you heard that someone crashed or was hurt on their last run of the day?apostrophe

Skiing is a very demanding and unpredictable sport, requiring much more than just strength and endurance. Skiers rely on core stability, lateral strength, balance, flexibility and endurance to get them down the mountain. “You really need the complete package,apostrophe shares Mr. Clair. “An avid runner with outstanding cardiovascular endurance and little core strength and flexibility is an accident waiting to happen.apostrophe

The goal at Fitness For Living’s Ski Conditioning Boot Camps is to create functional full-body fitness. Each day at Camp is different and progresses in challenge and difficulty, driving participants closer to their fitness objectives. Activities may include running relay races, climbing stairs, traversing monkey bars, jumping rope, negotiating an obstacle course, bounding over cones, playing tag or power walking up a trail.

The Boot Camps are designed to challenge a wide range of ability and fitness levels, from the meek and weak to the lean and mean. Campers inspire, support and cheer on each other, and it is group dynamics and friendships formed that make the camps so unique.

For more information contact Fitness For Living at 303-550-3491 or visit