Monday, September 27 2021

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On the Trail to Nagano!
Picabo Street, Olympic skier

I arrived in Denver on a Tuesday in November with most of my team and coaches. From there we headed to Beaver Creek, where we would set up camp for the next two weeks. We did dry land training, volleyball and rollerblading, as well as training on the mountain. By the time camp started, I was excited because I had to miss the Europe camp the month before. My knee was doing better but it###s the reason I had to miss the last camp. (I had some painful scar tissue that needed immediate attention.) However, since I didn###t go to Europe, I had been able to focus on strengthening my knees and legs for the upcoming ski season.

I was now psyched to be in Beaver Creek training with my teammates and coaches. I was also glad to be so close to the doctor who operated on my knee - his office is in Vail. The injury to my knee was severe; I tore the anterior cruciate ligament, partially tore the medial collateral ligament, tore the posterior capsule, tore the calf muscle off the bone and had a small bruise at the bottom of the femur, which was treated as a fracture. As you can tell, the damage was extensive and the rehabilitation process has been long. I###m anxious to get back on the snow and begin racing again but I have to listen to my knee. It dictates everything!

The weeks leading up to camp had been hectic, to say the least. A few weekends ago, I had two appearances for one of my sponsors, a media luncheon and a fundraising ball for the US Ski Team! I enjoyed spending time with the media and my sponsors and I am glad that I am able to help the US Ski Team in their fundraising efforts; however I am happy that I am now able to focus totally on training and preparation. My first race was November 27th at Mammouth Mountain in California, a date which was quickly approaching.

I planned to be ready to race on November 27, and ready for a strong showing at the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan in February. This past February, I had a chance to check out the downhill course in Nagano. I wasn###t able to ski at the time so I hopped on the back of Andreas Rickenbach, my downhill coach, and slipped down the course. We stopped at six or seven crucial spots so I could get a better look. It will be an exciting race to watch, especially at the finish, it###s very dramatic!

Even though I was not able to actually ski, I am glad I had the opportunity to get a feel for the course. I was also glad to get a chance to check out Nagano. It is a cool city and the people are beginning to get excited about the Olympics. Even though the fever of the Olympics hasn###t really caught on in the States, the people of Japan are busy with preparations for the Games. I###m happy about the location and I know all of the 1998 Olympic Games will be exciting to watch and to be a part of.


Birth Date: April 3, 1971
Birth Place: Triumph, ID
Residence: Portland, OR
Height: 5###7"
Event: Alpine Skiing


Gold Medal, World Championships, Downhill, Sierra Nevada, 1995
Silver Medal, Olympic Games, Downhill, Norway, 1994
Gold Medal, U.S. National Championships, Downhill, Vail, 1994
Silver Medal, U.S. National Championships, Super G, Vail, 1994
Gold Medal, World Championships, Combined Downhill, Japan, 1993
Silver Medal, World Championships, Combined, Japan, 1993
Silver Medal, National Championships, Combined, Vail, 1993
Bronze Medal, National Championships, Downhill, Vail, 1993
1995 United States Olympic Committee Female Athlete of the Year
1993 Female Alpine Skier of the Year, Ski Racing Magazine
Ranked Number One, Overall Northern American Standings, 1992
Ranked Number One, Overall Northern American Standings, 1991