Sunday, September 19 2021

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10 Tips to help you Stay Motivated
by Greg Davenport

Starting an exercise routine is the easy part – sticking to it can be difficult. You need to pick an activity that appeals to you, suits your budget and lifestyle, and doesn’t involve a lot of travel. Finding someone to exercise with you can be a good way to help yourself stay motivated.

1. Don’t think too much about exercising or you may talk yourself out of it.

2. It may help to consider exercising as an activity like brushing your teeth – just do it.

3. Book workouts in your diary and stick to them.  When obstacles arise, you need to adapt. For example, if it rains, ride your stationary bike or exercise to a videotape in your living room instead of going for a walk.

4. Purchase a new workout outfit, or a new piece of exercise equipment.

5. Pick activities that appeal to you. For example, if you don’t like jogging, chances are you won’t do it. Remember that enjoyment is very important to help you maintain physical activity in the long term.

6. Choose a gym close to home or work. If you have to drive for an hour or more in order to get to the gym, you may find yourself skipping sessions.

7. Set realistic goals. For example, you should try to aim for three workouts per week rather than aiming for a set amount of weight loss.   Accept that regular exercise is a lifestyle commitment and not just a short-term goal.

8. Find a friend to be your training partner, and to keep each other motivated.

9. Reward yourself whenever you reach a fitness goal – for example, a nice dinner out.

10. Pay attention to the way you feel. Was yesterday’s gardening session easier on your back? Are your jeans looser? Were you able to laugh off an irritating event today?  Simply taking the time to recognize these little improvements to your daily quality of life can increase your motivation to exercise.

About the Author:
Greg Davenport is a personal trainer and founder of AAbsolute Fitness. For more information and for free workout videos and other useful tools, go to