Sunday, September 19 2021

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The Magic Pill For Successful Weight Loss? ? 7 Keys That Require Effort
James Tindall, Ph.D.?excerpted from Dr. Tindall?s forthcoming book "Cellulite Busters."

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to get that weight off and keep it off? Will a simple change in attitude help you lose weight? Following are the real facts based on science and the best 10 minutes you###ll ever spend!

Ask anyone what wants to get healthy and stay healthy, lose weight and keep it off and you###ll get about as many answers as the number of those you ask. As our readers know, this web site reports facts supported by science, not the latest fad so, following is the real scoop on losing weight and keeping it off.

This article is based on years of scientific research and literally thousands of articles on the subject. Weight loss is in reality a simple process. In scientific terms, it can be called mass balance. This is written in lay terms as input - ouput = change in storage. Let###s rewrite it: calories eaten - calories used = calorie storage. The storage represents weight loss or gain. If you eat more calories than you use, you###ll gain weight. Conversely, if you use more calories than you eat, you###ll lose weight. Here###s an example: if you eat 100 calories less than you need each day, you will lose 10 pounds per year. If you eat 100 calories more than you need each day, you will gain 10 pounds in a year. If you eat exactly what you need in calories on a daily basis, you###ll maintain your current weight.

How does this relate to America###s obesity problem? In 1970, Americans were eating on average

3300 calories per day. By the year 2000, this had risen to 3900 calories per day or, a 600 calorie per day increase per person. What does this mean in terms of weight gain? Let###s put it in perspective: without exercise, an average female at 5### 5" and 125 pounds will require about 1500 calories per day; an average male at 5### 10" and 160 pounds will require about 1900 calories per day. Based on the past 30 year trend, if you are one of these Americans and you overeat by 600 calories per day more than you need, you###ll gain 60 pounds in one year or, 5 pounds per month. Whew! No wonder America is facing an obesity epidemic.

How did the obesity trend begin? America###s weight loss problem began in the 1920###s when the per capita consumption of sugar was about 20 pounds. This has now risen to about 135 pounds per person. Paralleling this trend is a significant increase in health related problems such as juvenile diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and many others. Simply put, 60% of Americans are overweight because we eat too much of all kinds of foods, especially sugar, fats, and alcohols. There is food at almost every turn - fast food, parties, the office, etc. Most seem to be unable to control the urge to eat or snack continually. If a typical cookie is 110 calories and even one is in excess of the number of calories you need on a daily basis, you###ll gain about 11 pounds during the year. What would happen if you at 3-4 cookies or other sweet pr fatty food each day? Well, you###d be fat. I could use a more politically correct term here, such as anorexically challenged, but let###s not diddle. Simply face the fact that many are overweight and then, do something about it.

There are many would-be experts that will tell you all that is needed is a change in attitude, get rid of your large clothes and get smaller ones and simply, quit eating so much. While this may be good advice, it is a little short sighted. Losing weight is more than just changing your attitude, although that###s a first step. While I respect such efforts to effect a change in attitude within an individual by so-called experts, such a change cannot be effected without usually, a significant life event, often traumatic, within a persons life, i.e., often the person must become broken - emotionally or otherwise. Once this occurs, even then, there are significant changes that must take place. The primary one is that a change in attitude must be accompanied by renewed desire to be somebody, to respect yourself. And, desire is something that not even Dr. Phil can instill. Like a diet, a pump-up speech is only a temporary jump start to a hidden problem; long-term change must be effected by the individual, by you. I###ve been trying to do this with athletes, clients, students, and people in general for 30 years; I am still not able to do it! You must develop desire from deep within; it is what turns mediocrity into greatness.

While you may initially enjoy my straightforward manner in saying this, you will quickly learn that a pump-up speech doesn###t give you much but fluff. What you wind up getting with a pump-up speech is a quick pick-me up like an early morning breakfast of "Frosted Flakes," followed by a midday crash. After it###s said and done, you###ll have to do the real work thus, there must be more substance and depth. There###s so much more to this story than an attitude change and eating a little good food. America###s obesity malady will continue until we learn that both good nutrition and at least minimal exercise are necessary to combat this problem and live a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity is the end result of everyone who overeats. Many do this on a daily basis. Numerous families have a history of overeating and both parents and children are overweight. Despite efforts to combat this problem, wihout a clear cut goal and knowledge of what to do, they will remain overweight. So, while their story may be interesting, it hasn###t helped them and likely will not help you. Why? Very few Americans are obese due to pituitary dysfunction or other medical problems. As a matter of fact, studies show that over 90% are obese due to overindulgence in sugar, alcohol, and other high caloric foods. A great majority of diabetes has arisen due to poor nutrition and overindulgence.

So, what should you do to combat gaining weight and becoming another American obesity statistic?

Below are my seven steps. How do I know they work? They are based on years of science. I practice them myself and at 50 can compete with most 25-30 year old athletes. Many others are on this same path and, while their stories are inspiring, you are the one who will have to travel your own journey, another cannot do it for you. Following the 7 steps are two photos of Tanya S. who recently completed my 6-month challenge. She began in January 2003 and the last photo was taken in June 2003. And, she continues to improve. What a wonderful example to all. As you read the 7-steps, you must develop a plan for each area. Without developing a plan to follow the 7-steps, you may not succeed. This will require effort on your part because there is no magic pill!

  1. Keep A Positive Attitude – develop your attitude; desire to be your best. Studies have shown that positive thought can actually boost the immune and other body systems to work more efficiently. Using the power of the mind to direct positive thought can and does help weight loss. Think about how you want to be and how you want to look. Often, it may take a significant event in ones life to effect such an attitude or will to change. Many can describe a specific event or time that changed their life. With men, it is usually medical related issues. With women, it tends to be more emotionally related issues. It is such events that often create the desire necessary to succeed at a goal!

  2. Get Educated – a recent client put it best, "I had to learn that a serving size was 4 ounces, not 10 or 12. Suddenly, I realized that instead of 2 extra large pizzas for four of us, we could have one large pizza and a salad and feel comfortably full and better about ourselves. Thanks to Dr. Tindall, I’ve lost 25 pounds in 90 days, my wife has lost 32 pounds during this time. I always had the attitude that I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t know what to do so, attitude alone didn###t help. It must be combined with the other steps Dr. Tindall has taught me." You must learn about basic nutrition and the benefits of even minimal exercise if you are to