Monday, September 27 2021

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The Sugar & Spice Ranch: Bonding Mothers & Daughters Through Horses

The Sugar & Spice Ranch was created with a purpose in mind. Leigh E. McCourt, a mother of two girls and an entrepreneur at heart, is the founder and director of the ranch. She has spent her life around horses and children, the two things that she is most passionate about and mean the most to her. Over the years she has discovered that horses create a wonderful venue to bring people closer together and heal relationships. Horses can feel emotions that are present in people. They pick up on more than most people give them credit for. To be a good mother or a good horsewoman, you must first and foremost have the capacity to love and nurture. With horses, as with our children, the maternal touch and gentle soothing voice have the same affect.

The Ranch was established three years ago as a summer horse camp for both girls and their mothers. The summer sessions begin with Memorial Day weekend and end with Labor Day weekend. It was solely created to provide mothers and daughters with a week of bonding with each other without interference from the outside world. Moms and daughters do everything together as a team. The ranch provides guests with their own horses for the week along with everything that the ranch has become known for, great food, great horses, and great memories. At the ranch, you will bunk with other moms and daughters in a bunk room that has been designed to cater to the moms. It will not be roughing it. Ms. McCourt provides some niceties such as fresh flowers to add just a little elegance that you wouldn’t find at your average camp. You will be treated like family and truly fall in love with the place and shed a few tears at the end of the week saying good bye to the horses. You don’t need any experience to come and enjoy the process. It works for anyone who is just interested in being with their daughter. The ranch also accommodates moms with two or more daughters, who come away with the same strength in their bonding experience.

The ranch’s mission is this: With mothers and fathers juggling their days and nights it’s hard to find the time to just enjoy each other and reconnect with our children. Society has our children growing up so fast, and you blink and they are grown. Girls from 5 to 95, from all walks of life and all over the world, will attest to the strength of a mother and daughter bond. The ranch wants pre-teens and teens to walk away with a newfound respect for their moms when they see that mom can do things they never thought they could and vice versa. Whatever phase of life daughters are going through they can always learn from their moms through the horses.

Over the course of the last three years, there have been numerous requests for programs for families or fathers and sons, or even mothers and sons. This ranch works for all types of relationships.

This year The Sugar & Spice Ranch is proud and delighted, because of the demand, to offer long weekends starting October 19th until the last weekend in May. All weekends apply. The ranch will accommodate families who want to reconnect and own their own ranch for a weekend. These weekends can also be used for women-only weekends, men-only weekends and in addition will now be hosting guests during school vacations, such as spring break.

For more info visit the ranch web site at