Monday, September 27 2021

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What To Expect When You Travel To France
by Tara Becker

Okay, so Iapostropheve been wanting to take a trip to Paris since completing French 4 in high school. And, my time has come. I was just telling my husband the other day. One of my favoriteexperiences was French Camp. Now, I know what your going to say. That the French get a back rap for their behavior toward foreigners especially Americans.

So, I decided to be prepared and not stand out in the crowd . In my preparation for my trip, a friend of mine gave me a book entitled, "Hide This French Book - The Un-Censored Edition". Iapostropheve been studying this book with zeal. It starts with "stuff you gotta know" and "watch out for". Not to mention, facts, embarassing stories and "the scoop".

Iapostropheve learned that the French "hipsters" from the burbs of Paris started "verlan" a form of French slang. Verlan works by rearranging the order of the letters or syllables of a word. For example, "lourd" becomes "relou" (heavy). They donapostrophet give you all the rules of verlan, but include the best examples.

Categories covered include Basic Expressions - how to say hello without sounding geeky, Sports and Game including video lingo, Shopping for total shopaholics, Fashion how to get that cool Parisian style, Technology including e-mail, IM or text messaging, Food, Entertainment, and more!

I plan on putting my skills to the test next month when I travel to Paris for the first-time. So, stay tuned for my follow-up to see how Imade outin the most romantic city in the world. A tout means see you soon. "This is a quick, cute way to say apostrophea tout a lapostropheheureapostrophe, literally, within the hour".