Monday, September 27 2021

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What NOT To Do in An Airport
by Allison Casey

As semesters come to a close and summer vacation plans come into full swing, it’s important to remember all the essentials (both paperwork and manners) when flying the friendly skies.

Here are some tips on how to get from point A to point B without much hassle and in a classy, fabulous ladylike style:

Don’t act like a jerk

It seems painfully obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget their basic manners while traveling. Mind your p’s and q’s. Don’t raise your voice. Be patient. Airline employees are people too, people who are there to help you get to your destination on time.

The airline industry is not out to get you. They’re not making up mechanical problems or weather delays. All planes are dependant upon one another and so when one is delayed, it causes kinks in the entire system. Delayed flights are not part of a conspiracy theory, just part of the industry.

Don’t let technology get the best of you

Airport lost and founds are full of iPods, cell phone and laptop chargers. Make sure you have everything you came with before getting on a plane. We all love our mp3 players, but don’t get so caught up in listening to that new album you miss your flight. Keep it to a low volume so you can hear flight announcements and keep a close eye on the time.

Don’t stay too long at the bar before boarding

You can and will be denied boarding for being too intoxicated. Don’t have more than one drink. On top of looking like a jerk, alcohol adds to the dehydration you already experience on a plane. Substitute water or 100 percent juice for beer or wine.

Don’t forget your important papers

If you’re traveling outside the country, call the U.S. Embassy in the country of your destination and see what papers you’ll need to both enter and exit the country. Make sure your birth certificate is government issued and not hospital issued.

Tag all of your bags with a nametag and address, and include an itinerary in the front pocket of all bags, so they can catch up with you in your travels.

Don’t dress inappropriately

You can be denied boarding for overly dressing in an overly inappropriate way. Keep it classy, and keep it practical. Your feet naturally swell on a plane, so wear shoes that are comfy. Pack your heels in a carry-on and swap them for your sneakers later. You cannot go wrong with a tailored pair of wrinkle-free jeans, nice sneakers or flats and a button-up top.

Don’t pack too much

Most airlines allow you one carry on bag and one personal item, which can be a purse, backpack or laptop bag. Pack only the bare essentials in your carry-on, including any medications you need, a toothbrush and comb, deodorant and travel-sized versions of your beauty products. I always pack extra socks and underwear, because you just never know. A lot of companies market expandable bags that fit in the overhead bins. Keep in mind, these bags no longer fit in the overhead bins once you expand them.

About the author:

Allison Casey is graduating in a week from Appalachian State University and hopes one day to run a literacy initiative for a non-profit, and loves cupcakes.

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