Monday, September 27 2021

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WomanOf The Month 11-08: Mary Robinson Reynolds
by Mary Reynolds

Imagine the world from the other person’s eyes. Acknowledge the people who are important to you. These simple messages have a transformational effect when conveyed with visual storytelling and music, says Mary Robinson Reynolds, whose short, inspirational “Make a Difference” videos have been viewed and shared on the Internet millions of times.

“It takes only a minute or two to make a lasting difference in someone’s life,apostrophe says Reynolds, whose works include “Make a Difference: The Teddy Stallard Story,apostrophe and “Who I Am Makes a Difference: The Blue Ribbon Story.apostrophe “We’ve all experienced this ourselves, so that a dramatization of the point with words, music and images reminds us, opens our hearts and inspires us to share the message and the emotional moment with others.apostrophe

Mary Robinson Reynolds, a former sixth-grade teacher with an M.S. in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development, has for more than three decades been focused solely on the energy transformation of peopleapostrophes minds and hearts. She’s helped major corporations, organizations and people from all walks of life reshape their vision of whatapostrophes possible.

Having personally transformed some really intense life opportunities of her own, she has a heart-connecting message about how to find the "possible" in im-possible by intentionally utilizing oneapostrophes inherent powers - mental, physical and spiritual - joined with others in the spirit of harmony.

Mary’s entrepreneurial trek, which has included work with adults and children in educational, corporate and personal settings, began nearly twenty years ago when she started to realize she knew something about at-risk youth that a large percentage of the educators I worked with had not yet discovered.

Her special gift was that she knew, intuitively, how to heal behaviorally challenging children. Her ability to create for them a sense of community and "belonging" helped them achieve measurably high levels of success, no matter how overcrowded the classrooms were.
She realized early into her teaching career that she had mentally done away with the "bell curve" and the "labels" put on behaviorally and academically challenged children by other well-meaning teachers before her. When, as a sixth-grade teacher, she collected data from previous years of Stanford Achievement Test results, she found that the children arriving in her classroom each year were, on average, a year or two behind their expected grade level. With Mary’s determination and guidance, through the elimination of labels and engaging instruction, they not only gained back what they had previously lost, but they achieved an additional two to three years of academic growth on their Stanford Achievement Test results.

In 1988, when she understood the effectiveness of her techniques, she began writing continuing educational programs to assist educators in learning how to heal all of the students in their classrooms who were living unhappy lives and not succeeding academically or otherwise. The results of these programs were even more amazing than she could have predicted - teachers were now armed with the tools they needed to deal compassionately and effectively with difficult children.

Through teaching Continuing Education programs, Mary was building enough real life application and successes through her Breaking Cycles of Failure trainings to become an educational consultant and teach my program in schools throughout the state.

To document her training and so many phenomenal successes, she started writing a book called Healing Todayapostrophes Children ...and Ourselves - which later became 2 books! No Labels, No Limits and Attitude Alignment. Then life happened! Legislation was passed in Oregon to cut all funding for school programs such as mine. As a single parent, she needed to create income immediately.

This brings us to what she is most known for today: MasterMinding. She needed help! She found the help she needed in a spiritual goal achieving system known as MasterMinding.
What is MasterMinding? According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, "No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."

The MasterMind Principle is in play when two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.

Mary needed the miraculous given her financial situation. She had a newly discovered passion/purpose coming through her and couldnapostrophet figure out how to achieve her dreams let alone keep food on the table and pay the bills. There were connections to be made that she didnapostrophet know how to make happen.

MasterMinding not only brought her assistance and connections in ways sheapostrophed never received before, it helped her focus, remain calm and set deliberate, intentional goals that she specifically knew she could not accomplish without spiritual assistance - "Of myself."

So, without a job and literally pennies to live on, she started MasterMinding with another educational consultant and together they met weekly without fail. In their MasterMind sessions, they would discuss the problematic areas of meeting their financial needs while growing their businesses, as well as their professional and personal relationships.

Each week they determined their real intentions, set goals and formulated MasterMind requests and then simply believed for each other. Week in and week out they accomplished things that were beyond what they thought they could do. They were ordinary people achieving extraordinary results.

Mary was learning to bring Infinite Intelligence into the equation of all the problems she could not figure out by herself. Many people think MasterMinding is about brainstorming and accountability. It is so much more and this is the reason why she writes and teaches about it today.

Through MasterMinding, Mary found herself re-directed - led - into the corporate arena, where she quickly realized that we are all just little kids in big bodies! The principles and strategies she was teaching educators, about breaking cycles of failure, worked in very diverse business environments as well.

She realized that in working with adults in corporations, and teaching them how to heal and deal powerfully with their own lives in and away from the workplace, she would, in effect, be helping children after all. When parents learned how to heal themselves through the principles she teaches them, their children would be well. So, she found great peace with the fact that although she was no longer working directly in the educational arena, her teachings were having a positive effect on adults and their children alike.

In 1990, Mary founded Heart Productions & Publishing that creates and markets products, which meet the needs of all people wanting to heal their lives in areas of: relationship, time, health and money.

In her compelling and innovative first book, You Are A Success! - 61 Proven Strategies For Developing Success (1991,) Maryapostrophes strategies stimulate people to think at higher, more innovative levels. Mary had learned these strategies as she recovered from a devastating series of trials and tragedies. She had lost her first child at birth, survived a difficult second pregnancy, divorced her husband, moved to a new state, and lived on pennies.

Mary designed a 12-city tour, with radio and TV interviews, to promote her first book, selling 10,000 of her first printing. A single mother at the time, she took her five year old son, BJ with her as she drove a 27 ft. Class-A RV and pulled her car. By her own desire, and the power of the MasterMind, she navigated from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, walked her book into 19 malls in LA, drove through the Colorado Mountains to Denver, up to Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago, Cincinnati and finally to Columbus, Ohio.

Mary invested her entire inheritance in the production and promotio