Sunday, September 19 2021

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WomanOf The Month 2-09: Andrea Wieland

Dr. Andrea Wieland, a 1996 Olympian goal keeper for the US Women’s Field Hockey team, wants to know, “Who is Colorado’s Healthiest Executive?” The International Center for Performance & Health (ICPH), a center for executive leadership and health led by Dr. Wieland, while announce to the Colorado business community the answers February 19, 2009 at the Colorado’s Healthiest ExecutiveTM Awards Program.

Andrea Wieland is founder and CEO of ICPH in Denver, Colorado, a performance-health and leadership coaching and organizational consultancy, designing strategic experiences that empower leaders and organizations to evolve and transform to the next level of competency, profitability, and sustainability. Dr. Wieland started ICPH, because she saw too many people compartmentalizing their fitness and health programs and far too many executives and athletes performing at a cost to their health. People just running or just lifting weights. Or those that only focused on nutrition and did not exercise. They did no mental training or mental preparation to augment their fitness program.

From her experience, training as an Olympic athlete and the way the team was able to jump in world rankings from 11th to 3rd. Dr. Wieland believed that by having a team of experts working together to improve training and conditioning could be the basis for a program for "corporate athletes" to follow to give them the same success both professionally and personally.

The same principles that the Olympic team experienced, providing education and coaching on the right foods to support the training and competition; systematizing rest schedules so they could perform at our best; having their minds focused on the right things to execute for the competition for which they had been preparing ourselves; are all components of the ICPH experience!

All these elements work together for best performances and help competitive people stay in their games for the long run. A team of experts orchestrates all performance and health elements to produce one great symphony.

ICPH is also host to the Coloradoapostrophes Healthiest Executive Awards Program to recognize leaders who are healthy role models as well as encourage health and wellness in their companies, communities and organizations. The theme, "Healthy Leaders Today, Healthy Future Tomorrow," really captures the spirit of the awards program. She believe ICPHapostrophes role in corporate America is to make sure that all CEOs and their surrounding senior leadership team are exhibiting healthy physical, mental and emotional behaviors that transform their consciousness and raise the bar of performance and health of employees across the nation, thereby reducing health care costs, preventable disease and illness, and assisting us to be more competitive in the global marketplace. The plan is to take the awards nation wide.

“Healthy organizations and healthy communities start with healthy role models. Now, more than ever, young people, employees and communities need parents and leaders in all sectors to exemplify good health,apostrophe explains Dr. Wieland. “By nominating these corporate-athletes we can share and showcase through Colorado’s Healthiest Executive the organizations that are committed to making Colorado a healthier place to live, work and play.apostrophe

“Partners and participating companies illustrate the commitment to and connection between success in health and in business,“ says Wieland. “Individual and company success stories highlighted at the Awards program will serve as an inspiration and motivation for positive change.apostrophe

This event recognizes male and female senior level business, nonprofit and government leaders who model healthy lifestyles and actively promote health within their organization and their community. The awards program is tied this year to a non-profit program that helps prevent childhood obesity in the State of Colorado, the GOODLife Clinic, part of the Childrenapostrophes Hospital Foundation in Denver. This event will take place on Thursday, February 19th. For more information, visit